This wiki is very messy as of 2013. We gotta do something about it.

What has to be done?Edit

  1. Categories need to be fixed, cleaned and added to pastas.
  2. Shitty pastas need to be thrown out.
  3. All of the one bajillion typos need to be fixed.
  4. Pastas must be added to the List of Articles.
  5. Badges need to be improved.
  6. The front logo needs a better design.
  7. Rules must be added, improved and tidied.
  8. Admins need to get back on track.

Who does what?Edit

CreepyStoryTeller: 1, 2.

MidgetGoat: 4, 6.

RainbowCakeman: 3, 5.

Bowtiesrcool: 7.

Everyone: 8.

Regular Users: You can help if you want to (as long as you don't create new pages). lol :)