I hear something i don't what it is it looked like that thing my friend described to me the day before he was killed by a mysterious animal or being he called it the ra but he died i'm scared I don't wanna die I tripped on air and I saw it a few inches from me it red eye's glowing I got up and ran but I fell again I look down at my left leg it twisted backwards the creature was right in front of me it red eyes looking me but as it got close it eye's was not red it was a rainbow a it's eye's looked like a pinwheel of colors of the rainbow.Then I passed out I heared everything that was happening I thought this creature was going to slash me up like my friend I thought these were my last moments but I opened my eye's once more and I saw the creature's fur turned into a sightly flashing of colors his fur changed to a different color from the rainbpw every few seconds I passed out again...But when I woke up I found my leg was now in a splint and It seemed to be healing in a fast rate and I also found a wooden slab with brownies on in it I ate one it was the best thing I ever tasted I jolted up all of a sudden and I took the makeshift off and my leg was fully healed so I went home.Whatever that being was it had a pure heart and it treated me and I thought maybe there are beings that are purer then the others I went back to place where I saw the being and I left some candy bakegoods and juice boxes the nexf day I came back and found a happy face carved into a tree I smiled as. I prayed to god to bring protection over the being and to let him do his work