There once was a man, and he was happy. He was happy because he thought the world was a happy place. When he walked down the street he saw everyone one was happy, they all smiled, they all laughed at clean jokes and spread the word of loving humanity and tolerating the beliefs of others. The happy man loved living in the happy world... BUT THEN SUDDENLY

He saw an old lady, an innocent old lady who didn't do anything wrong. She wasn't hurting anyone when the fates struck her.

She dropped a penny while paying for some ice cream to buy for her happy grandchildren.

The happy man saw this, he was shocked. He had to save this woman from the artrocities of the minor inconvienience that could only plauge this perfectly happy world. His happy-co shirt tore, his hair became rainbow colored, his muscles buldged out beyond human limits, a cape somehow formed on him- I thi- I don't even know how but.. It's there? He burst into the sky with a speed only alpha particles could comprehend, leaving a golden trail of warmth, snuggies, and gingerbread cookies freshly baked behind him in the air. He flew across the street in record time and landed with the most magnanimously soft and silent un-baby-waking noises imaginable. Immediately his arms lunged at the ground like the hands of society lunge to deliver food to those in need! The penny was launched up from the ground and into The happy man's rugged and tender musclular philangies faster than the speed of love. After a grascious bow and returning of the penny to the now rejoicing old lady, The happy man used his ice-cream-beam eyes to re-stock the shelves of the already bursting with joy ice cream vendor and added 3 more layers of tantilizing joy flavored ice cream to the grandchildrens' cones. Cheers were heard from all around as The happy man's skill in happiness was celebrated by the masses of happy people. 

The happy man then returned to his happy mid-morning walk to admire all the perfect happiness of happy-land. 

And life was happy, the happy end.