The Bargainers (original artwork)

The Bargainers' appearances change in response to whatever threats (paranormal, extraterrestrial. demonic, or GMO) they face. Shown here in their docile state the bargainers appear like gaunt little girls.

The name "The Bargainers" or simply "Bargainers" refers to the lost spirits of two little girls from New York who died during a harsh winter many years ago. The two girls lived in the Catskill mountains and became hopelessly lost in the cold while wandering through the surrounding frostbitten forests one evening. There they  met a monster which scared them so terribly they died.

Powers and moral alignmentEdit

The guardian Angel, Pyrrhia, saved the innocent souls of the little girls. Their souls ascended to heaven with the angels who taught them many things of life. They discovered the wonders of heaven every day and their powers grew with the help of the angel Gabriel, who taught them how to slay monsters barehanded.

Gabriel prepared the girls for a series of tests of faith called the TRIAL. When the trial came the girls progressed rapidly through its stages. When the final task arrived, the plucky duo was led down into the the netherworld (Nifelheim) to fight demons and retrieve souls caught int the clutches of satan. They earned their most popular name "the Bargainers" from the way they skillfully outnegotiated the devil and convinced him, through their own guile, to release 1000 souls from hell to seek judgement in heaven and be rehabilitated.

When they returned to the pearly gates, the bargainers had a new mission. They were to root out the evils of earth, both ancient and novel.  they returned to earth in the physical form of little girls, with dark rimmed eyes and mischievous smiles. The taller of the girls stood only 1 foot taller than her shorter stockier counterpart and she appeared to be about 13. the stout little girl at her side, her sister, was physically only 9 years old. However the centuries of travails in heaven made both girls more physically powerful than anything on earth that existed. With all their considerably great spiritual energy poured into such small moulds, they girls were incredibly dense and moved, skipped,walked or ran along with resounding footsteps, like boulders along hardwood floors.