Splendorman, first seen giving flowers to Becky and Tiffany

Splendorman is a supernatural creature that appears to those who have been especially kind to others.


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He is known to resemble his younger brother, Slenderman, although he prefers stylish colored dots and ribbons as adornment for his suit. He also possesses a rather dapper top hat. Compared to his brother, he actually has a face which appears to be just two large black (headcanons have hinted at different colored eyes, such as blue, red, or light hazel) eyes and a massively happy grin. Splendorman is not known to have a nose, but this does not bother anyone.



Personality and other character traitsEdit

He loves to entertain people and make them smile. Giving those whom are extra kind to others small little gifts such as flowers, balloons, or even glitter. Splendorman enjoys giving back to them. Often times dancing and singing to keep those entertained, he will keep at it until you are as well smiling along with him.

Splendorman is also to believed to have tentacles like his brother, which are the same onyx color, but with thin rainbow stripes (or polka-dots) along them and bells at the ends (although some believe his are still black and that the bells are accessories he puts on them).

His sense of style is further shown as he owns a mansion resembling a grand palace(the mansion is located in the sky) and several girls have complimented him on his looks and personality.

He has demonstrated exceptional talent and intellect in certain areas such as: Music(specifically piano and guitar),analyzing situations, predictions, science, generosity, art, singing, et cetra.(Information has been given by sasukeveggierocks on deviantArt)

History Edit

It is not known what Splendorman is (once again referring to the headcanons, he is believed to be part of a family of entities called Slender-beings) or where he comes from, and most people are having too much fun to even care. Although, it is known that Splendorman gained popularity awhile after his brother, Slenderman became popular. It is said that he and his brother do not get along well. This is of course due to the fact that Splendorman and Slenderman are basically polar opposite to each other. It is believed that Splendorman has troubles understanding his brother for he was always accepted for his gracious and happy emotional self, while his brother is socially unaccepted, hated, and feared. Some believe that he is the reincarnation of the Good Light and was sent to oppose Zalgo. Slenderman is more famous than his brother but Splendorman is slowly increasing in popularity. :)

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