Hi Everyone!


Yeah! Hi! I'm Shirana and I'm here to talk about two of the weirdest things (but awesomist) ever. The happy pasta and creepypasta! It might get a bit confusing so hold onto yo lollipops! (If you don't like scary Creepypastas don't read)


As we all know Happypasta is one of the main sources of happiness in the world, and as always is usually the exact opposite of Creepypasta, but there are a few things that I don't quite get. But now for something you don't know to keep you reading, for example there are four differents Slender brothers, Slendy, Splendor, Offendy, and Trendy, but not all Slender bros had there own pasta because they aren't ying and yang, and what I mean is that Slendy and Splendor are EXACT opposites, sure they are all slender, but their personalities are different. Splendor loves children, Slender hurts children, Slender makes children cry, Splendor makes them laugh and smile, Slendy  brings darkness, Splendor brings butterflys, rainbows, and light! YAY! XD So as them being opposites there must be opposite characters from Creepypasta such as Jeff the killer, then as a Happypasta he is Jeff the hugger. Then you go Hoody and Masky, Spring and Carnival, Smile dog, Smile puppy, you see what I mean? But as being said there is something else, as most of us know is that Liu either died or lived miraculously, but I have the idea that Liu was brought back after gettting killed or just stayed dead. Because if Happypasta is the exact opposite then if Liu died, Liu in happypasta would be alive, and then again if Liu become homicidal Liu he would still be alive the same way. So I'm thinking, if Jeff the hugger never did anything to Liu, would Liu stay gone or come back so each Liu would be opposite? Thats where comes the brain hurting logic.


There are many different theories for what happened but to Liu but its obvious that he did die, or else there would be no Liu in happypasta. Its sad to think that these two worlds have to have sadness and happiness. Which is why I need people in my wolf pack to stop this sadness so everyone is a Happypasta. Come be my friend and share you're ways to make people happy, when ever you see someone sad, try to cheer them up, when you see someone hurt, go heal them, and finally when you see someone lose hope, give it back to them.