Momo, taking a peaceful selfie.

Knowing you all watch youtube; you probably heard of the dangerous and scary trend, Momo.

Momo The EntertainerEdit

If you are unaware, Momo is a female with bulding eyes, chicken legs, and a wide spreading smile that reaches her eyes. Now everyone knows about this Japanese myth's bad side, but have you heard of this side?

So it was around midday and the sky was clear and a beautiful topaz color. Me and my friend had just passed our mini-exams and both got straight A's. My friend, Lillie, pulled out her phone and looked up where the Japanese Museum was locally. So we travelled there, and as soon as we went in we saw a statue of Momo, and heard she did good, as entertaining children, to teaching adults lessons of life. So despite her creepy face, this creature didn't turn out to be that bad.

That night I couldn't sleep. I had just watched some Japan Local News and there had been gruesome things. I crept downstairs in my dorm and to my suprise, Lillie sat there slurping her slushie. She couldn't sleep neither. We chatted a while. Then we went for a walk with Droop, the current dog Lillie owned at that time. And he started barking. Like really loud, as if somebody was present with us. So me and Lillie casually look behind to see a lady with chicken legs, a wide smile and bulding eyes, plus black,  greasy hair... We screamed. But she followed. We explained what happened to us. We thought she would attack us. Instead, she entertained us. She did tricks like magic, as in making a giant rainbow tissue, and juggling lots of bouncy rubber balls whilst on her stubby chicken tail. After that night, Me and Lillie have always slept greatly.

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