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Jeff's school's true name: Barun's Academy for Gifted Students. I just replaced the censored part(XXX) with Barun's. </strongddh <strong>TIL that Jeff is actually a chicken whisperer in his spare time


Elementary School(K-4)

Middle School(5-8)

High School(9-10)

Upper High School(11-12)

Barun's Academy for Gifted Students is a public charter school for gifted students. So the grades per wing are different. And the grading scale is different too.

Class System: Elementary School has 1-4 periods(Math, Science, English, Social Studies) with extra classes(Art, Music, Physical Education, Mandarin Chinese) on certain days. Four blocks per day. Periods go in order.

Middle School has 1-6 periods(Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Spanish, French) with extra classes(Art, Music, Physical Education, and Mandarin Chinese on certain days).

High School and Upper High School have 1-8 periods(Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Physical Education, Elective 1, Elective 2, and Mandarin Chinese).

Grading Scale

This school uses the Maraschino Grading Scale for K-10 and uses a letter grading scale for 11-12.

K-10 what is on the report card:


4-Student exceeds mastery and goes higher than what is taught in the class.

3-Student demonstrates mastery in what is being taught.

2-Student is in progress towards mastery.

1-Student is not meeting standards.


4-Student shows respect, on-task behavior, integrity, and leadership skills

3-Student shows respect, on-task behavior, and integrity

2-Student only shows some signs of good behavior

1-Student does not demonstrate good behavior


4-Student puts a lot of effort into work and studies the material in depth.

3-Student puts a lot of effort into work 

2-Student puts some effort into work 

1-Student puts very little or no effort into work

For grades K-4 they are self-contained classes, So a description of their social/emotional development will be written.

Grades 11-12 will use the grading scale above too but in combination with this scale:

A 93 and above

B 85-92

C 77-84

D 69-76

E 68 and below