"Daddy its my birthday" I was yelling at peak of my voice as i always do...

And my dad hugged me warmly wishing me happy birthday. I loosened his arms to search his pockets for my birthday gift but to my disappointment i found nothing. But my father tickled me and said it will be a surprise...

I was super-excited hearing this. And my smile returned on my face. It was a hard task to wait all day long. So I tried snooping all day long. On every birthday of mine my parents would buy me new toys and not to forget the mobile phone box that I loved the most. Now I was totally building up my fantasy world when I heard my mom telling my father to tell me clearly that this time my birthday is different has we were facing a strong financial crisis.. I moved out of the room and sat on the stairs. I was very sad as I couldn't see my parents upset because of me and also there was no gift this time..

I was lost in my thoughts when I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was my father with my favourite chocolate in his hand for me. I felt to be the luckiest son in the world as that chocolate meant a lot to me..

Even today I miss the taste of that chocolate with the exotic flavour of my parent's love...And this is and will ever be "THE BEST BITHDAY GIFT."